“Shoot ’em Up” Music Video Directors Contest Wraps First Video

This year’s Turkey Shoot Music Video Festival introduced “Shoot ’em Up!”, a competition that awards one new director the opportunity to direct a fully funded music video. Participants were instructed to develop a compelling music video concept for the song “Finns For Your Feet” by the Oranges Band (on Lookout! Records with Green Day, Ted Leo and the Phamacists, The Donnas, etc.). The Turkey Shoot selection committee chose seven treatments as the finalists, which were then forwarded to the Oranges Band and Lookout! to make the final decision. The band and label selected a treatment from director Farah, which places the band onstage during a grade school play while strange parents in the audience look on. The band would be decked out in early ’60s wardrobe for a retro, “Wonder Years” flavor. The video was shot on September 28 in Los Angeles.

Turkey Shoot founder Don Burton wanted to add a new element to the festival’s second annual showcase. “I was watching ‘Project Greenlight’ on HBO,” he said, “and the idea for ‘Shoot ’em Up!’ just came naturally.” Burton had some contacts at Lookout! Records from the festival’s first year, so he approached general manager Cathy Bauer to see if they might be interested in sponsoring the competition. Bauer thought the newly-signed Oranges Band would be a great fit with the edgy, independent vibe of Burton’s festival which screens an eclectic mix of indie videos.

Burton immediately began the daunting task of producing an ambitious, low-budget music video. “The budget of the video was pretty small,” said Burton. “It’s challenging working with small budgets, but it can also be really rewarding when the product turns out great. The concepts are what really get our attention here at The Turkey Shoot, not the budget. If you are looking for slick, big-budget videos, MTV already has that well taken care of.” With the help of the video’s other producers, Josh Voress and Andrea Reyes, they were able to secure generous donations from many sponsors, including Camtec Motion Pictures (camera package), The Syndicate (telecine), and Media Distributors (film). The sizable cast and crew donated their time. “Even though we had very little money, we were able to leave mini-DV for the behind the scenes and shoot this video on 16mm,” Burton said. “Josh, Andrea and Farah did a terrific job pulling a collective miracle out of their ass.”

Surprisingly, the most difficult element of the production was just finding a place to shoot. “We needed a school auditorium or gymnasium with a stage,” said director Farah. “Hardwood floors were essential for that retro feel I wanted.”

“We visited a few locations,” Burton added, “most of which were never quite right. We did find a great auditorium that was available to shoot in, but it was located at a youth correctional facility! We didn’t think it was a good idea to have a cast of twenty young children running around a correctional facility.”

When Farah called production designer Craig Handschu and asked him to come aboard, everything fell into place. “Craig had gone to private school nearby,” said Farah. “He said they might actually let us shoot there, so we checked it out and everything came together.”

The new Oranges Band video “Finns For Our Feet” will premiere at the second annual Turkey Shoot Music Video Festival at the Egyptian Theatre.

For more information see the festival website at:

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