Hey Ya! OutKast Music Video Receives Grammy Nomination

Effects Studio Moneyshots Designed Effects for Director Bryan Barber and Producer William Green

OutKast’s Hey Ya! music video, directed by Bryan Barber and produced by William Green, has received a Grammy nomination for best short form music video. Santa Monica based visual effects studio Moneyshots consulted on set with Barber and director of photography Crash.

The technically demanding production was shot over two days at Universal Studios on a stage styled and equipped to look and feel like an old television studio stage (circa 1960’s) on which Andre 3000 performed a multitude of demanding, stylized roles, becoming all members simultaneously of his debuting band Love Below and its supporting cast. Barber wanted to show all the roles Dre was performing in one continuous camera move, with the camera always moving throughout the song.

“This is definitely the most ambitious motion control shoot we have ever done—perhaps that anyone has ever done,” said Elad Offer, Moneyshots’ creative director. “It took a large group of people working around the clock to put together all the different plates and make it look like one seamless shot. The fact that the video was brilliantly conceived by the director and producer and that OutKast is a tremendously talented group gave us an ideal project for visual effects. The team of artists at Moneyshots was just one of the ingredients which came together perfectly to make Hey Ya! an exceptional music video.”

OutKast garnered six Grammy nominations in all, including album of the year and best rap album for the double CD Speaker Boxxx/The Love Below and record of the year for Hey Ya!.

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