On Location With 311 “Love Song” Music Video

MVWire was on location for the 311 “Love Song” music video shoot from the movie sound track for “50 First Dates.” Here is behind the scenes footage and a brief interview with director Mark Kohr.

Comments from director Mark Kohr

MVWire: Do you find it difficult to create a music video that’s tied to a movie soundtrack?

Mark Kohr: From a director’s standpoint when doing a soundtrack video, you try to do something with a clever twist or tie-in to the movie with the ultimate goal of having a unique visual transition. On this video we had a very short time to prep and shoot so we had to keep it simple. The film was shot in Hawaii and since the band is most comfortable performing we decided to shoot in an original 1960’s Polynesian restaurant/bar giving us a stylistic tie to the movie. The place we found (Sam’s Seafood) was awesome! It was filled with tiki’s from head to toe. By placing the band in the middle of the bar performing, we were able to use the palm columns as an editorial wipe to transition between performance and movie footage.

MVW: What was the overall vibe that you wanted to accomplish with “Love Song” ?

MK: The main thing I wanted to accomplish with this video was that the vibe be sincere. This track is a remake of The Cure’s “Its a Real Love Song” and the movie is a romantic comedy so there was a danger that the true sentiment of the song would be missed. It was important to the band and I that the sincerity of the track come across.

MVW: How was it working with 311?

MK: It was great working with 311. I have worked with them twice before so we have a familiarity with each other. I had them dress in their own clothes, which also helps them be more relaxed. The guys are all very cool and real people. We had a good time.


Video Commiss: Daniel Savage/Maverick Records
Production Co.: Bob Industries
Producer: Melissa Larsen
Director: Mark Kohr
DP: Adam Santelli
Editor: Chip Eddy
Colorist: Arnold/Encore

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