REVIEW: Shins “Pink Bullets” Music Video

by Robert Schober

While in Europe and elsewhere the medium still thrives in commercials and videos, handcrafted stop-motion animation in America has been seemingly banished to the realm of the niche festival circuit. So, when a slow-paced promo featuring two cows wandering a pasture appears, for some odd reason it really pops against the hypermedia background of After Effects-powered, Adderal-fueled clips that run non-stop on M2 and Fuse. Not that those clips aren’t often amazing. They are; it’s just that Adam Bizanski’s film for “Pink Bullets” is a nice change of pace.

The sets and characters are fabulously understated, seeming to be crafted from cardstock and foam core. You can see pen marks and uneven x-acto cuts on the cows, but they are animated with such fluidity and life that it only adds to the organic feeling of the video. The animation really sells it: Bizanski has a wonderful sense of timing and attention to the detail of action. One example that stands out is a wind battered balloon tied to a fence post. One feels that the wire is really as fragile and weightless as string as the air pulls it taut and volleys it about.

To see more works by this acclaimed Israeli director, visit
Adam Bizanski

The site itself is a wonderful piece of interactive animation, so be sure to have the latest QuickTime and Flash players installed.

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