Sherbet Produces Birdengine “Thoughts of A Falling Glass Man” Music Video

Thoughts of a Falling Glass Man is the third promo by Sherbet’s Adam Aiken and Shelley Revill. Commissioned by Benbecula Records for the eclectic music maestro Lawry Joseph Tilbury aka Birdengine, it took the pair just three and half weeks to complete.

With the use of found objects and peculiar sound samples, Birdengine’s music is truly unique and the video set’s out to mirror this using patched together hand made imagery as well as found objects to create the look.

The video shows a world made up of clockwork creatures living in harmony. After surviving an attack they set about mending their ailing creator and bring him slowly back to life.

Adam and Shelley’s previous efforts have included videos for 4AD’s The Mountains Goats and the last ever video for The Delgados from Chemikal Underground Records.

Artist: Birdengine
Title: Thoughts of A Falling Glass Man
Directors: Adam Aiken and Shelley Revill
Record Label: Benbecula
Production: Sherbet

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