“Above The Line: The Search For America’s Next Music Video Director” Partners With Gorilla 3.0 Production Software For Reality Show

Los Angeles, CA – Jungle Software(http://www.junglesoftware.com) and Shrivastava Media Group (http://www.thesmediagroup.com) announced an exclusive partnership today to provide Gorilla 3.0 production software for contestants on the reality show “Above The Line: The Search For America’s Next Music Video Director” (http://www.nextmvdirector.com).

“Above The Line” features two teams of seven potential directors pitted against each other in a series of production related challenges for the ultimate prize of shooting a high-budget music video for a major artist and signing a year-long director representation contract with a well-known music video production company. Each episode will focus around the teams attempting to shoot a music video for an emerging artist on a $30,000 budget. Gorilla 3.0 will be the program the contestants use to plan their production schedules, production budgets, and organize their locations, cast and crew.

A trial download of the Gorilla software is available at JungleSoftware. “Above The Line” is scheduled to start shooting in Los Angeles at the end of May 2006. Contestant submission details can be found at NextMVDirector.

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